SYSA RULES OF COMPETITION - As modified for Spring Soccer for 2013.

Summary - Spring Soccer for U-11 to U-19 players is played on half-sized fields, with each team playing 8 per side (7 plus a goal keeper). To ensure meaningful playing time for all, we recommend that the roster contain less than twice the number of players on the field at one time.

Spring Soccer for U6 to U10 teams conforms to Small-Sided rules, except for game length (all Spring Soccer games are 55 minutes). Click here for Small-Sided Format and Small-Sided Rules as published by Washington Youth Soccer. Slide tackling is not allowed at U10 or younger.

NOTE: Spring Soccer does NOT follow small-sided rules for number of players on the field at U11. All spring soccer teams U11 to U19 play 8 a side as described above.

Coaches are responsible for compliance with SYSA Rules and Regulations. In addition, coaches must know the FIFA Laws and the WSYSA Rules of Competition. The FIFA Laws are updated every July and are available from most soccer stores and online at the FIFA web site. All competition shall be governed by the Rules herein.

RULE I Game Rules - In General
1.1 All SYSA league and tournament play shall be governed by the FIFA Laws in effect on the first of July of the current year.
1.2 The WSYSA Rules of Competition-Outdoor/Field are incorporated herein by reference. These SYSA Rules of Competition shall govern for SYSA league play in cases of conflict.
1.3 Comments about a player's race, sex, ethnic, or religiousbackground are in all instances considered foul or abusive language and as such are cause for a "send off" under FIFA Law.
1.4 Post-game formalities between teams (e.g. hand-shake lines) are not required but are encouraged. Coaches should emphasize pregame and post game courtesy. A player may be diciplined for inappropriate conduct at any time.

RULE II Uniforms

2.1 All players of the same team on the field, other than Goalkeepers, must be attired in jerseys that match to the satisfaction of the referee. In the event of a color clash, the designated home team will change jerseys.
2.2 Shin guards are mandatory and must be covered by socks.
2.3 Goalkeepers may wear long pants at any time.
2.4 When playing in inclement weather, players shall be allowed to wear sweat pants or tights under the uniform shorts, as well as hats, gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads provided that no dangerous protruding or hard object are used. The determination as to whether a player is properly attired shall be made in the sole discretion of the referee.

2.6 Metal or metal-tipped cleats (including aluminum) or cleats with any metal showing are prohibited in SYSA sanctioned play. Should a detachable cleat be worn so as to expose metal, the referee shall not allow that player to begin or continue with play until the cleat is repaired or the shoe replaced.
2.7 Under no circumstances may jewelry of any sort be worn in SYSA competitions. Jewelry includes, but is not limited to, watches, rings, bracelets, chains, necklaces, earrings (including posts), hair barrettes, and other similar objects.

RULE III Team/Player Participation

To allow players as much playing time as possible, we recommend keeping spring soccer rosters as small as possible.Players are allowed to register or participate simultaneously on more than one WSYSA registered team (SYSA, WSYL, WSYDL, District, etc.) during the spring season. The WSYSA prohibition of playing on more than one team does not apply to SYSA Spring League. All players shall play at least 50% of every game.

Age Recommended
Roster Size
Roster Size
Field Players
inc. Goalkeeper
U6 6 7 3 (no goalkeeper)
U7 6 7 3 (no goalkeeper)
U8 8 9 4
U9 9 10 5
U10 10 12 6
U11+ 14 16 8

RULE IV Coaching
4.1 Coaching from the sidelines, i.e. giving direction to one's own team on points of strategy and position is permitted, provided:
4.1.1 Neither mechanical nor electronic devices are used;
4.1.2 The tone of voice is informative and not a harangue;
4.2 Each coach, substitute, or player is to remain within the "coaching area" (2 yards behind the touch line, and not closer to the end line than 18 yards from the corner of the field, nor behind the goal).
4.2.1 No person, whether coach, parent or spectator, shall give instructions or directions to any player during a game who is outside the "coaching area" as defined above.
4.3 No coach, substitute, or player is to make derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other players, substitutes or spectators.
4.4 No coach, substitute, or player is to use profanity,
4.5 No coach, Substitute, or player, is to incite, in any manner, disruptive behavior of any kind. It shall be the responsibility of each team to maintain proper spectator conduct. Each coach, manager and team shall be held primarily accountable for the conduct of the spectators from their respective teams. At no time shall foul or abusive language be permitted at any field.
4.6 A coach may be cautioned or "sent off" (red carded) by the referee if in violation of any of the Rules of Competition. If the Coach is sent off, an assistant coach identified as such to the referee may then be permitted to act as coach. Any coach, parent or spectator who is sent off by a referee must leave the field, and not return.
4.7 It is the responsibility of each coach to take all precautions necessary before, during or after the game to protect both the safety of persons and public or private property on which games take place.
4.8 It is the responsibility of the home coach to:
4.8.1 Provide a legal game ball properly inflated.

4.8.3 Contact the visiting coach 48 hours prior to game time to verify the location and time of game and coordinate jersey color.
4.8.4 Opposing teams and their supporters must, to the extent conditions permit, and to the satisfaction of the referees, be on opposite sides of the field of play. The home team for any game shall have the choice of sides.

4.10 Any coach, manager or official found guilty by a WSYSA, district or member association board of directors or a WSYSA disciplinary or ethics committee of knowingly using an ineligible player(s) (over-age, improperly registered, or under disciplinary suspension) will be suspended from participation in all WSYSA activities not to exceed the current and subsequent seasonal year.

Rule V Officiating

Coaches should referee spring soccer games, with each coach taking a turn refereeing one half. If coaches are not available or cannot referee, then a parent or youth with referee experience may be the referee.

RULE VI Substitutions

6.1 Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee at any stoppage of play.
6.2 Incoming players may not enter the field of play until outgoing players are off the field.

RULE VII Charging the Goalkeeper

7.1 The following Rules apply to all competitions under the jurisdiction of the SYSA:
7.1.1 In all Under 11 age groups and younger: No player shall make physical contact with the goalkeeper, or attempt to play ball once the goalkeeper has control of the ball in any manner and to any degree whatsoever.
7.1.2 In all Under 12 age groups and older: No player shall make physical contact with the goalkeeper WITHIN THE GOAL AREA. No player shall harass the goalkeeper, or attempt to play the ball once the goalkeeper has control of the ball in any manner and to any degree whatsoever. For infringement of this special Rule, an indirect kick shall be awarded.
7.1.3 Included in the definition of "having control of the ball" is the situation in which the goalkeeper holds the ball on the ground with one or both hands.

Rule VIII - Protests

Rule IX - Season

The spring season length shall be 8 games.

There will be no postponed games.

There are very few spaces available to reschedule games. All requests be emailed to the SYSA Field Scheduler as an email from the second coach who has been contacted by the first coach requesting the reschedule. The first coach must agree to play 2 games on the rescheduled date.

Rule X - Scorekeeper duties

RULE XI - Special Rules for U-11 and younger competition.
11.1 USYSA and WSYSA small-sided rules shall apply to all competition involving U-11 and younger players.
Small-sided rules.

Spring soccer functions like an SYSA tournament.
All players must be registered within WSYSA for the current seasonal year.
Players may not play on a team that is younger or of the opposite gender.
Players may play on a team that is older.
Players may play on another team in spring soccer but must be properly rostered to at least one team.
All coaches/managers/trainers must have current risk management (RMA) clearance through WSYSA.
Coaches are required to have a signed medical release for each player at all practices and games.

Playing on a spring team does not affect placement on the regular fall team. Team assignments for the fall are done by club registrars in strict compliance with the rules of recreational play in SYSA.

RULE XIII Equipment and Play

Ball size
U6-U8 #3
U9-U12 #4
U13-U19 #5

5-Minute Rule -- All games are scheduled for 55 minutes. No matter what time they start, all games must end 5 minutes before the hour.